Got Rot?


  • Dry rot affects many homes in the Bay Area. It is likely your home has dry rot if you haven’t preserved the wood over the years. Homeowners can search for exterior dry rot in the window frames, door frames and shutters.
  • Your home may have dry rot internally if you have recently had any type of water or moisture leak, noticed your tile floor beginning to buckle or have softer spots in any area of your flooring or walls.
  • If you have maintained your home throughout the years and do not suspect dry rot being an issue, it is always best to receive an inspection to make sure! Dry rot pops up without homeowners knowing about it all the time! It can infest any wooden structure such as posts, beams, kitchen and bathroom floors and walls, deck framing, deck boards, eaves, roofs, foundations, sill plates, cripple walls.
  • Dry rot can infiltrate your home via interior and exterior sources and can quickly cause significant and expensive structural damage.

Meet Victor Construction: the Marin dry rot experts
Since 1989, Victor’s General Construction has been serving the Marin County area with competitive prices and skills unmatched. Mel and his crew are known for their ability to make sure your home is not only professionally repaired, but better than before. Call today for your estimate and to schedule a consultation!

  • Trade: A- Engineering
    • License #: 696235
  • Trade: B-General Building Contractor
    • License #: 696235

Victor Construction & Engineering is devoted to cultivating long-term relationships by providing our clients with the highest level of quality & service! Our desire is to be the first choice for all of your home building, remodeling & repairing needs. We understand that completing a home project can often cause disarray to a family’s routine. We take great pride in ensuring the job is completed efficiently with the highest attention to detail, allowing you to quickly return to your routine. Our crew is highly trained & supervised by the Owner himself. Mel personally oversees every project & consistently follows up on progress making on hand decisions & solving problems instantly. Every project has a uniqueness that pertains to the client- our prompt & precise service aspires to exceed your expectations every time we have the pleasure of working with you!

Meet Mel the Owner:
Our company was founded in 1989 by owner Mel Victor. Mel’s passion for contracting began as a young boy.
His family was stationed in Germany for a brief time during the mid 1960’s. During this time he became intrigued by cuckoo clocks. His family then moved back to California. One day in California Mel’s mother found her beloved cuckoo clock in pieces on the floor! Mel was instantly determined to fix the clock. One of the springs had separated from a gear inside. Mel accomplished the repair of his mother’s cuckoo clock and from that day forward his passion has continued to grow for building, remodeling, restructuring, maintaining, fixing and repairing. He has an eye for upgrading buildings and structures by bringing new life into older homes.
For more information, fill out our contact form, or give Mel a call at (415) 472-9144.